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VYON alerted on 07/15/20 at 0.0013
For a 284% Gains


SYPR alerted on 07/28/20 at 0.0013
For a 165% Gains


PSRU alerted on 08/03/20 at 0.0013
For a 110% Gains


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  • brandin007 : OPTI looking like it is consolidating around .0910 which is very good. Looking for more solid gains this afternoon
  • MMarshall4000 : Good Morning!
  • brandin007 : good morning all!
  • rysky007 : whtas cooking pre market?
  • rysky007 : good morning
  • brandin007 : OPTI new highs! broke a dime in pre-market, high of .11
  • rysky007 : wow
  • brandin007 : $OPTI Apple is taking UV lighting seriously in decontamination of idevices with a patent. OPTEC is literally trying to turn every smartphone and tablet into PPE. Built-in technology to allow devices to function similarly to the iwand !
  • rysky007 : not worried about halt now that SEC announced they are researching into its run and Trumps envolvment?
  • brandin007 : dodm
  • rysky007 : was all over the news yesterday
  • rysky007 : this is a huge opp for them to use the SEC as hound dog after Trump since he mentioned it, and then the stock price took off
  • jesoba3287 : what platform do you guys use to purchase the penny stocks?
  • rysky007 : Robinhood is not meant for day trading or even OTC, mostly high priced listed stocks
  • rysky007 : for OTC, Etrade, TD/Scott, Suretrader, Interactive Brokers
  • jesoba3287 : Good morning
  • Homebrew : $BIOC wants to make a run for $1.00 today or thursday,, up 12% at hod. .877
  • MMarshall4000 : Anyone have any updating penny stock exploding news?
  • traderearl : No one seen STHC
  • arudd1986 : Good morning everyone
  • Homebrew : $BIOC strong final hour and likely strong pre market and thursday up 17% on heavy vol. large float
  • zilverman77 : $30 Silver here we come! A note from the experts at Straits Financial https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/5f2b05e3dff99a00135bd921
  • zilverman77 : SBUM
  • zilverman77 : Operations starting soon The article mentioned that operations were expected to begin sometime in August 2020 https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/07/08/2059312/0/en/Petrogress-Inc-Announces-the-establishment-of-its-branch-representation
  • zilverman77 : PGAS
  • rysky007 : ADTX moving
  • rysky007 : wow
  • brandin007 : OPTI just hit 52 week high
  • rysky007 : just doesnt stop hu
  • traderearl : RNWF

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