Let’s Follow Up On Last Week’s Big Scores!

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No “April Fooling” here!

Last week might have been a day short, but we definitely packed in more action than you’ll get following just about anyone else’s alerts.

The returns ranged from one of the first bona fide 100% home runs of the year down into humbler territory — but ALL made money!

Now I’m hot to give you more of what worked while cutting the weakest set-ups from my repertoire.

If I’m right about how to boost the intensity, we’ll all be reaping the results as early as tomorrow morning!

Remember last week’s worst performer, which only popped a measly 26% once traders remembered that obscure little ticker even existed?

Tomorrow’s play is NOTHING like that!

Unlike that fizzler, this powerhouse trades every day and for months now volume’s been in the 6- to 7-digit range.

It’s not shy about making friends with traders, either! News flow is robust and some of the headlines have actually been game-changers!

Granted, all this action is a tiny bit higher up the food chain as well. But I doubt 20 cents a share is really going to break your bank.

And I haven’t even mentioned the slam-dunk business this company is in, have I?

See you on the boards!

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